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Our mission is to create a user friendly, cost-effective, secure web based documentation software application that would meet the needs of physical therapists and reduce documentation time, while increasing record accuracy and productivity. This has been accomplished with the release of the Thera-Web E-Documentation System.

The Thera-Web E-Documentation System was created for physical therapy professionals
by a physical therapist. The program is web based, easy to access and easy to use. It allows the user to quickly glance at pending notes and reports, while flagging any general information that should be noted such as pending authorization for treatment.

The program has been engineered to improve documentation time by eliminating tedious paperwork and allowing complete treatment information to be easily included. "With the increase in wellness programs and aging baby boomers, physical therapists need to have cutting edge technology to support their practice so they will have more time to treat the patients they were trained to care for", said Thomas Yarrobino, DPT and co-creator of the Thera-Web system.

The system is secure and all information is encrypted with back-up systems. For a demonstration of how this product can revolutionize your documentation process or to obtain further information, click here.

Thera-Web Tracking Calendar has been designed to reduce front desk errors.
For further information, click here.

Thera-Web Office Hours System allows for easy scheduling with a click of the mouse.
For further information, click here.

By enrolling in the program within 90 days of your inquiry, you will receive a free
upgrade that will include the new Thera-Web Tracking Calender and Thera-Web
Office Hours System.

· PT Evaluations
· Progress Reports
· Discharge
· Daily Notes
· Narratives

· Office Hours
· Multi-office Viewing
· Multi-provider Viewing

Tracking Calendar
· Authorization Tracking
· Progress Report
· Alerts
· Birthday Reminders


    · Work from home or remote location

      · Save time on documentation

      · Reduce front desk and authorization errors

      · Increase effeciency

      · Impressive easy to read documentation
         to physicians and attorneys

      · Tablet Capability

      · No more dictation

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